Onsite Customized Board Retreats

If your board is thinking about holding a retreat or an onsite board training seminar, Dr. Brian L. Carpenter has conducted more than 175 of them with individual charter schools across the US since 2005. (See the About Brian tab for more information).

Here are EIGHT benefits that charter school boards have  commonly enjoyed after participating in an onsite customized retreat with Brian:

1. Board members enjoy a new or renewed sense of confidence about WHY their board exists, WHAT work it is supposed to do and HOW it can organize that work.

2. Future board meetings often become shorter and more organized.

3. Tension that sometimes exists between the board and the school leader diminishes as a result of role CLARITY.

4. Board officers (i.e., board chair, board treasurer and board secretary) are usually relieved to learn that their responsibilities are to assist the board in the oversight OF school management, not to be a participant IN it. 

5. The mystery surrounding board financial oversight evaporates. (In addition to holding a PhD in Education, Brian is also a Certified Fraud Examiner which enables him to explain the vital role of the board in deterring fraud, waste and abuse.)

6. The board is able to demonstrate to the school's authorizer and other key people that the board takes its own development and self-assessment seriously.

7. Many boards learn they can eliminate some committees (although they also learn that there is one they absolutely need but rarely have).

8. Oversight becomes easier when the board implements what Brian calls the Big Three Policies which address (1) knowing when the board has spoken, (2) how to resolve stakeholder conflicts. concerns, and complaints that arise in every school and (3) the board's mission.

Worried that board training is going to be a dull PowerPoint presentation?

Not with Brian.

First, he hates listening to PowerPoint presentations so he himself rarely does them. Besides knowing his content, he is widely known for his straight talk, irreverent sense of humor and ability to teach complex concepts in clear, memorable ways. Participants frequently remark how much fun the retreat was.

 What makes the retreat customized?

Your school has the option of providing copies of key documents prior to the retreat which Brian will review (e.g., your board's bylaws, minutes, financial reports, etc.). 

How to find out more:

If you or your board is interested in engaging Brian to conduct an onsite customized retreat, he welcomes you to schedule a free, no-obligation phone consultation with him. At the conclusion of the call, if both you and he sense that he would be a good fit for your school, he will send a written proposal. 

Brian accepts inquiries directly from board members, school leaders, authorizers and attorneys. Because of the often sensitive nature of board-management relationships, he will not discuss retreat options with anyone other than those individuals (i.e., no parents, secretaries, directors of development, business managers, etc.). 

Use this link to schedule a no-obligation phone consultation with Brian. When he's not traveling, he lives in PST. Brian's Phone Consultation Availability