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Onsite Customized Board Retreats

If your board is thinking about planning a retreat or an onsite board training seminar, Dr. Brian L. Carpenter has conducted more than 175 of them with individual charter schools across the US since 2005 (see the About Brian tab for more information).

A customized board retreat offers your school the following benefits:

1. It's a great way to orient new board members to the role of the board.

2. It can be used to facilitate the resolution of communication or other problems.

3. It helps cement role-relationships between board members and the school's chief executive.

4. It brings clarity to board-management relationship responsibilities.

5. It can help the board organize its annual work.

6. It can give the board insights into itself (through the pre-seminar survey results).

7. It demonstrates to the school's authorizer and other key people that the board takes its own development and self-assessment seriously.

8. It provides the board an opportunity to ask thorny governance questions of an acknowledged authority.

9. It helps the board identify key areas of oversight pertaining to risk management.

10. It gives the board a new or refreshed sense of direction for its work.

11. It increases board knowledge of its responsibilities.

12. It inspires confidence in stakeholders to see their board devoting itself to professional development.

On top of which, Brian is well-known for his straight talk, irreverent sense of humor and ability to teach complex concepts in clear, memorable ways. As Brian likes to say, "If you're going to spend a day participating in board training, it may as well be fun."

Brian's demonstrated areas of expertise include, but are not limited to, the following:

1. Building and preserving a sound board--leader relationship by clearly delineating the four key differences between governance and management responsibilities using a model he created.

2. Teaching boards how to systematically organize their work so that they can ensure that everything that is supposed to occur does.

3. Clarifying the proper role of board officers to include the President and Treasurer--two of the most commonly understood positions on charter school boards.

4. Helping boards assess and manage risks, especially risks related to internal controls. As a separate service, Brian also conducts risk management assessments, including fraud risk assessments and investigations. (Brian is also a Certified Fraud Examiner).

5. Helping boards understand charter school financial management and oversight of financial management. When needed, Brian can explain your income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement to your board, as well as key ratios such as the current ratio and normal net income (less depreciation) expectations.

6. Teaching boards how to address stakeholder complaints or concerns while preserving the fidelity of the board's relationship with its chief executive.

7. Teaching boards how to meaningfully and fairly evaluate their own performance as well as the performance of the chief executive.

How to find out more:

If you or your board is interested in engaging Brian to conduct an onsite customized retreat, he welcomes you to schedule a free, no-obligation phone consultation with him. At the conclusion of the call, if both you and he sense that he would be a good fit for your school, he will send a written proposal. 

Brian accepts inquiries directly from board members, school leaders, authorizers and attorneys. Because of the often sensitive nature of board-management relationships, he will not discuss retreat options with anyone other than those individuals (i.e., no parents, secretaries, directors of development, business managers, etc.). 

Use this link to schedule a phone call time (EST) that works best for you: Brian's Phone Consultation Availability



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