BoardWiser, Volume I, Navigating the Intersection of Governance and Management

This ready to use board training resource consists of 12 podcasts that cover a variety of issues that will help your board govern effectively without straying into management's lane.

Each podcast is only about six to seven minutes in duration, making them the perfect length to include as part of every regular board meeting agenda. Just distribute the accompanying one-page PDF transcript (front and back) and push play. Dr. Carpenter will lead your board through an examination of critical issues faced by charter school boards. 

After playing the podcast and discussing the self-assessment questions and recommendations, simply record in the board minutes which podcast the board listened to and what actions, if any, it decided to take as a result, and voilà, your board has just created documented proof that it engaged in meaningful ongoing training and self assessment. 

With BoardWiser, ongoing board training has never been easier.

Volume I topics consist of the following titles and topics which can be listened to in any order (thus allowing your board to select the most relevant topic at any particular time):

  1. Where the Heck Are We? Orienting new board members: a list of the 15 essential documents you should provide all new board members
  2. Dirty Walls: One simple question that distinguishes governance from management
  3. Broken Promise: Your board's three specific duties
  4. Preventing Board Schizophrenia: What it means to "speak with one voice" to management and why it matters to your school--big time
  5. Back-Ordered Chinese Lightbulbs: Board meeting priorities--what is your board focused on?
  6. That'll Be $1.4 Million Please: Governing as though you can be personally liable--because you can be in some cases
  7. Has Anyone Seen the School's ATM Card? Two of the most valuable financial oversight policies your board needs to implement
  8. Some Revolving Doors Lead to Dead-Ends: Five practical ways to avoid (or end) excessive school leader turnover
  9. Just Say No to Self-Appointed Reconnaissance Missions: The limits of individual board member authority
  10. Annual Check-Ups--They're Not Just for Physicals: Three things your board should evaluate every year
  11. All In The Family: Nepotism--watch out!
  12. Brian's top 10 Board Bonks--maybe not as riveting as Letterman but still instructive!

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